• Health Net is a private insurance company that sells Medicare Advantage plans.
  • The company sells plans in California, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Health Net’s Medicare Advantage plans offer additional services that aren’t usually available through original Medicare.

Health Net sells Medicare Advantage plans that serve as an alternative to original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans are often region-specific, and those from Health Net are no exception. The company offers plans in three states.

By choosing these plans (some of which are premium-free), you may be able to get services original Medicare doesn’t offer, such as vision, hearing, and dental coverage, among others.

Read on to find out more about the available Medicare Advantage plans sold through Health Net.

Medicare Advantage plans are usually offered to a specific state or region. This allows companies like Health Net to contract with providers and facilities in the area to offer in-network cost savings to members.

Currently, Health Net offers Medicare Advantage plans in these states:

  • California (specifically the counties containing Los Angeles and San Diego)
  • Oregon
  • Washington

If you live in one of these areas, you can search by zip code on Medicare.gov to find out if Health Net offers plans where you live.

The following are some examples of Medicare Advantage plans available through Health Net.

Health Net Medicare Advantage HMO plans

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan is a type of Medicare Advantage plan Health Net offers.

As a general rule, when you’re a member of an HMO, you’ll experience the greatest cost savings when you choose in-network healthcare providers.

When you sign up for your plan, you’ll receive a list of providers and facilities that contract with Health Net to offer services. While you can still see a doctor who’s out of network, you may pay more for these services.

In addition, you’ll likely choose a primary care doctor who will help you manage your care.

If you need a referral to see a medical specialist, such as an orthopedic doctor, dermatologist, or gastroenterologist, you may need to see your primary care doctor first.

Health Net Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans

In addition to traditional HMOs, Health Net offers Special Needs Plans (SNPs).

These plans are geared specifically toward people with certain illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes.

If you have a medical condition that’s covered by an SNP, you may find more coverage, benefits, medications, and provider choices geared toward your specific condition.

Health Net offers these plan types as part of an HMO. Examples of these plans include the Health Net Jade plan, which was created for people diagnosed with diabetes, heart conditions, or chronic heart failure.

Another option is the Health Net Seniority Plus Amber I. This is an SNP geared toward those who are enrolled in Medicaid in addition to Medicare.

Health Net Medicare Advantage PPO plans

Health Net also offers some Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. This type of plan is similar in some ways to an HMO in that you can choose to see in-network providers for cost savings.

However, you can also choose out-of-network providers at an established cost.

Another way these plans differ from an HMO is that you aren’t necessarily required to have a referral from your primary care doctor to see a specialist.

Part D is the portion of Medicare that covers prescription drugs. Anyone who’s Medicare-eligible is required to have a certain level of Part D coverage.

Often, Health Net and other insurance companies will incorporate Part D coverage into their Medicare Advantage plans.

This means you’ll pay a single monthly premium to Health Net and receive the medical benefits outlined in your plan as well as prescription drug coverage.

Each Medicare Part D plan has a list of medications it covers. This is called a formulary.

Medicare requires each Part D plan to cover at least two drugs in each major drug category, such as antihypertensives or medications to treat diabetes.

Your plan may further separate medications into tiers such as:

  • generic
  • preferred
  • name brand

As a general rule, brand-name medications are usually more expensive than preferred or generic options.

Health Net may also contract with preferred pharmacies. If you buy your medications from these pharmacies, you’ll have greater cost savings.

Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan can expand the number of services available to you. Examples of these services may include:

These benefits may vary based on the plan you select.

The following are some examples of Medicare Advantage plans available through Health Net.

City Plans Star rating Monthly premium Annual deductible In-network out-of-pocket max Primary care visit copay Specialist visit copay
Los Angeles, CA Health Net Healthy Heart (HMO) 4 $16 (with drug coverage) $0 $2,400 $0 $0
San Diego, CA Health Net Seniority Plus Sapphire (HMO) 4 $0 (with drug coverage) $0 $4,500 $0 $0
Salem, Oregon Health Net Ruby (HMO) 3.5 $0 (with drug coverage) $0 (+ $125 drug deductible) $4,600 $10 $50
Vancouver, Washington Health Net Aqua (PPO) 3.5 $0 (without drug coverage) $125 $2,500 ($5,100 In-and-out-of-network max) $12 $25 (in-network), $40 (out-of-network)

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, is an alternative to original Medicare. Plans offer all the coverage of original Medicare, plus some added services Medicare doesn’t offer.

You’ll still have to pay your monthly Part B premium, in addition to any Medicare Advantage premium.

However, there are some trade-offs.

Original Medicare doesn’t require you to see an in-network provider or obtain specialist referrals. As a result, some people may find Medicare Advantage plans too restrictive.

If a Medicare Advantage plan has a network of providers that you currently see, you may experience fewer challenges compared to original Medicare. Plus, you’ll enjoy extra benefits such as vision, dental, or hearing coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans vary by region. Some areas may have many choices, while others may have fewer than 10. Not all plan types are offered in every region.

Medicare Part D is the prescription drug coverage portion of Medicare.

Sometimes, these policies are sold as a part of a Medicare Advantage plan. Other times, you can purchase a separate Medicare Part D plan from an insurance company.

When you’re evaluating potential Medicare Advantage plans or separate Part D plans, it’s important to consider the current medications you take, as well as any pharmacies you prefer. You can review a plan’s formulary to make sure your medications are covered.

To shop for and compare available drug plans, you can use Medicare’s Find a Medicare Plan tool.

Health Net is an insurance company that offers Medicare Advantage plans in certain counties in California as well as regions in Washington and Oregon. Plans offered include:

  • PPOs
  • HMOs
  • SNPs

For more information and to see available Health Net plans in your area, visit the Find a Medicare Plan tool.

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